Sherron Sheppard,
(PPA Certified,MEI, M.Photog, Cr.Photog, F-PPC, & Artist
5 time California (PPC) Photographer of the Year

805 218-1098

Bio and Resume:
Sherron Sheppard began transitioned into photography 13 years ago after many years as a traditional artist. As an artist, Sherron taught watercolor techniques for fifteen years and was a seasonal instructor for eight years teaching watercolor painting at Yosemite National Park.

Her photographic career began photographing weddings with her husband, Ron. Seven years ago, Sherron transitioned out of wedding into other areas, including presenting programs and workshops to amateur and professional photographers. She teaches Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter classes at the California Professional Photographers West Coast School, conducts private workshops, and co-instructs an annual Equine Photoshop/Photography Workshop with April Visel.

In 2003 the Professional Photographers of California (PPC) awarded Sherron "Photographer of the Year" in the Journalistic Wedding Category. Again in 2005, PPC awarded Sherron "Photographer of the Year", in a second category, the Illustrative. Once again in 2006, Sherron earned her third "Photographer of the Year" in the Illustrative category. Plus, she was awarded PPC's 2006 overall "Photographer of the Year" with the highest print case total, Best of Show and also the "Peoples Choice Award".

In January 2006 at the (PPA) Professional Photographers of America convention, Sherron was awarded "Platinum Photographer of the Year" with 3 Loan Collection Images and was invited to join the American Society of Photographers (ASP).

In January 2008 Sherron's image "A Passage of Time" scored a perfect score of 100 at the PPC Print Competitions and was awarded Best of Show. Her second print "Lonely Days, Lonely Nights" scored 96. PPC also awarded Sherron her fourth California "Photographer of the Year" in Illustrative, and overall "Photographer of the Year" with the highest print case total. In addition, Sherron was awarded the Canon Par Excellence Award and ASP State and Regional Awards, plus the PPA Certified Photographers High Score award. In March 2008, "A Passage of Time" scored another 100 at PPA's Electronic Imaging competition. At the 2008 PPA print competition Sherron received PPA 3 Loan Collection images and was awarded a PPA Platinum Photographer of the Year in January 2009.

In February, 2010, Sherron was again awarded, for the 5th time, PPC's Photographer of the Year with the highest scoring case and also Photographer of the Year for the Illustrative Category. In addition, Sherron was awarded a Kodak Gallery Award for her image "A Gift from Heaven" and a Judges Award for "School Days Gone By".

Sherron has earned 4 Fuji Masterpiece awards, 3 Kodak Gallery Awards, 7 Judges Awards, and numerous PPA Loan Collection prints. In addition, she is a PPA Certified Photographer and holds her Master of Photography, Master of Electronic Imaging and Photographic Craftsman degrees.

In addition to Photography, creates custom fine art jewelry and paints with traditional medium. In addition to local art show, Sherron displays her work in her gallery, Sherron Sheppard Studio Arts, located at Studio Channel Islands Art Center (SCIART) located in Camarillo, California.

Sherron is a member of the Pastel Society of the Gold Coast, SCAPE (Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment, the Ojai Preservation Artists (TOPA) Group, the Channel Islands Professional Photographers Association, the Professional Photographers of California, the Professional Photographers of America, the Wedding/Portraits International, and the National Association of Photoshop Users.

Sherron has exhibited her photographs, jewelry and paintings at Yosemite National Park, Bell Arts, SCIART and and PPA, PPC and WPPI conventions.

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Studio Channel Islands Art Center (Artist in Residence)
Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment (Scape)

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International
Professional Photographers of America
American Society of Photographers
Professional Photographers of California
Channel Islands Professional Photographers Association