Sherron Sheppard presents,
"Quick Steps to Fine Art" CD Collection

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In today's competitive marketplace, being creative is the only way to set your self apart. Clients are willing to pay more for "Art". The "Quick Steps to Fine-Art" CD Collection covers Foundation and Artistic Techniques that give new life to your images and enable you to add additional "fine art" products to you business.

The Photoshop Actions found on these CD's were personally created by Sherron while working on her own artistic images. Sherron uses these actions on almost every image she creates.

Sherron Corel Painter CD includes her custom made Painter brushes that look and feel like real art brushes. Also included is custom palettes organized according to what the brush can be used for. This palette organization makes it so much easier for beginners to start using Corel Painter and a huge time saver for those already familiar with Painter.

CD #1...Foundation Toolbox CD

To achieve a handmade fine art look in your digital images, you need to start with a strong foundation that can be achieved quickly, giving you more time for the "Artistic Enhancements" your clients will pay more for.
The Foundation Toolbox actions are fast building blocks that help you create a foundation for your "Artistic Enhancements" with very little effort.

Included on CD: 28 Photoshop Actions
Combining Layers, Dodge Layer, Burn Layer, De-Fogging an Image, 4 Color Correction Actions, Color Elimination, Color Fringe Correction, Warm Up Filter, Lighting Enhancement, Outside Edge Vignetting, Darkening the outside Edges, Diffused Pop, Sharpening, Graduated Neutral Density Action, Dust and Scratch Repair, Add Brightness and Spark, 2 Black and White Conversion Methods, Sepia Toning, Feathering a Selection, plus Printer Color Correction using Variations, part A & part B.

Actions are written to include instruction to help you through the procedure.

Also included on the Foundation Toolbox CD:
Step by Step Color Management Instructions, plus, Printer to Monitor Color Adjustment Procedure using Variations (for hard-to-match papers), Color Correcting an image, Digital Workflow and Loading Actions and Presets.
•Tips & Techniques created on 4x6 index-card size - for fast retrieval. PC and Mac Shortcuts, Removing Morie Patterns, De-Fogging Enhancements, Camera Raw Tips, Unsharp Mask Settings, Color Chart, Batch Processing files in Camera Raw, Color Management Settings and Tips, Where to Place Custom Paper Profiles, Level Clipping, Preview Tips, Straightening Lines, and Custom Shortcuts.
55 of Sherron's Custom Brushes, developed for Artistic Photo Enhancements.

CD #2...Artistic Enhancement CD
Fast Artistic Embellishments that help you create "Custom Fine Art" images with a handmade look. By adding custom artistic enhancements to your images, you will be able to produce high-end products that make your photography unique.

Included on CD: 37 Photoshop Actions
Adding a Deckle Edge, Art History Custom Painting, Black and White Conversion with Sepia Toning, Digital Infrared, Misty Lens Blur, Antique Color, Custom Hand Tinting, Porcelain Glow with Sepia Tint, Soft Focus Glow, Diffuse Glow, Cross Process, Pen & Ink Watercolor Technique, Watercolor Wash, Art Edges with Custom Shapes, Grainy Glow, Painting with Combined Filters, Glorious Glow, Charcoal Mystery, and Traditional Oil & Chalk Painting.

Also included on the Artistic Enhancement CD:

•Sherron's Custom Tool-Presets: Approx. 122 Tool Presets - designed to work with the above actions and other Artistic Enhancements.
•Sherron's Artistic Edges: Easy-to-Use handmade Deckle Edges for a "Handmade Fine Art" look.
•Sherron's Custom Styles and Gradients: Sherron's Fine Art Paper Textures were created with art enhancements in mind. Handmade paper and traditional watercolor paper textures are included in the Artistic Enhancement CD.

CD #3...MORE Quick Artistic Enhancements CD
“More Quick Artistic Enhancements II” adds more actions to your art toolbox, enabling you to create digital art without using a manual for step by step instructions.

Included on CD:
*28 Actions - High Impact BW, Traditional Watercolor, Old World Romance, SX70 Art Effect, Pencil Sketch, Old Masters Oil Painting, Ethereal Color, Ethereal Black and White, Soft Focus Lens, Colored Pencil Sketch, Lith Print, Split Toning, 3D Brush Stroke Enhancement, Blend Mode Magic, Glow in the Dark, Cyanotype Prints with hand painted edges, Advanced Selections.
*Tool Presets - Approx. 132 Tool Presets - designed to work with the above actions and other Artistic Enhancements.
*Custom Artistic Edges - Sherron hand painted 21 Watercolor and Canvas edges to enhance your images with edges that have the look of real art strokes.
*10 of Sherron’s Workflow Actions - including Sherron’s Quick Advanced actions with no stops for fast image turn around with a fine art look.

CD #4...Quick-Click to Color Harmony CD
Being able to have more color control will improve your art by giving it more impact and lead to more gallery shows and/or client sales: Color is one of the most powerful tools an artist can use and color harmony is essential to an artist.

Color is what we see first, in our environment and also in art. Trying to achieve color harmony in your art can be a complicated and sometimes frustrating experience. The “Quick Clicks to Color Harmony” can be used with any digital graphic/art program to help you easily stay within a color scheme and bring color harmony into your work. Each “Quick-Click Color Wheel” template moves allowing you to select any color within a particular color scheme. This makes choosing pleasing colors that give you total color control, a breeze.

Included on Quick-Click to Color Harmony CD:
10 “Quick-Click to Color Harmony” Color Wheel images including: Primary Color Scheme, Secondary Color Scheme, Complementary Color Scheme, Double Complementary Color Scheme, Split-Complementary Color Scheme, Intermediate Triad Color Scheme, Analogous Color Scheme, Discord Color Scheme, Monochromatic Color Scheme and Analogous Color Scheme.
Documents on all CD’s are written in PDF form and Microsoft Word.

CD #5...Quick Step Art Cards CD

Time is Money….and fine art takes valuable time to produce. No more wasting time looking through books to find techniques that will help you produce fine art. Store art techniques at your finger tips in an index card box with Sherron's 4x6 inch "Quick Step Art Cards". The secret to keeping computer time to a minimum is to have information at your fingertips. Sherron has written her art techniques to be printed on 4x6 index cards and kept beside your computer at all times. With Sherron's time saver "Quick Step Art Cards", fine art techniques will always be close at hand.

Included on CD:
Step by step instructions - for the following art techniques: Adding Canvas, Adding Texture, Art History Painting, Converting to Black and White, Brighten Images and Add Spark, Chalk Cloner Painting, Charcoal Mystery, Color Fringe Correction, Color Noise Elimination, Cross Processing, Darken Edges, Custom Deckle Edge Painting, Defogging Prints, Diffused Glow, Sherron's method for Dodge and Burn, Dust and Scratch, Glorious Glow, Grainy Glow, Installing Actions and Presets, Layer Masks, Painting by Combining Filters, Traditional Oil Painting, Porcelain Glow, 3 Methods for Hand Tinting, Vignetting Edges, Wacom Tablet Set-Up, Watercolor Wash, Watercolor Pen and Ink, Digital Infrared, Shortcuts for Art. Also included is a list of Brush Tool-Presets Sherron uses in her paintings (Brush tool-presets are found on the Artistic Enhancement CD).

Also included,
Sherron's Quick Step 4x6 size Instruction Cards: Each card is designed to give you, at your fingertips, instructions on Sherron's 28 Foundation Toolbox and Sherron's 37 Art Enhancements Actions.

Quick Step Art Cards created in Microsoft Word and PDF.

CD #6...Corel Painter X, 11 (and Beyond) - "Quick Start" Toolbox:
Included on CD:
*101 Painter Fine Art brushes - set up for fine art painting. Brushes included are oil brushes, chalks, impasto, custom blenders, detail brushes, gouache, watercolor brushes. Each fine art brush has been created to give more of a traditional artist medium look to your digital images. Also included: Info on loading brushes.
*20 “Quick Start” Custom Palettes - set up for a speedier painting workflow. Sherron has created individual palettes that will give you a “quick start” to organizing Painter. Included are Custom Palettes for painting eyes, hair, clothing. watercolor paintings, backgrounds, oil paintings, impasto effects, details, blending colors, cloners, and more. Also included: Information on loading and using Sherron’s “Quick Start” Custom Palettes.
*44 “Quick Color Harmony” Color Sets - Using these color sets takes the confusion out of picking colors. These color sets give you the ability to pick colors quickly and make it easy to stay within a color schemes. Included are color sets for Primary color scheme, Secondary color scheme, Complementary color scheme, Triad color scheme, Discord color scheme, Analogous Complementary color scheme, and Tetrad color scheme. Also included: 5 of Sherron's flesh color sets and instructions on loading and using Sherron’s Quick Color Harmony color sets.
*Tutorial Palette Explanations - for Auto Painting palettes, Brush Creator palette, Color Palette,
Brush Control palette, Color Mixer palette and Painter color management.

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